Bell Citi Helmet – A Commuter Bike Helmet Review

Bell Citi Helmet, White Lime Green

Bell Citi Rating: 4.5

Build Quality

The GoodAdvantages:

  • Safe
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Good fit
  • Comes with reflective stickers
  • Inexpensive

The BadDisadvantages:

  • Can get warm in hot weather, depending on where you live

Since we were discussing helmets in my last post, I thought about writing about Bell Citi. I see more and more commuters every day. Not everyone would be happy to wear a suit to work with a flashy multicolor helmet. Although safety is the first thing you should think about when buying a helmet, it’s not the only thing.

Fortunately, with the Bell Citi helmet, commuters can look good. These helmets are safe, like all helmets sold in the USA. All helmets in the US have to pass the CPSC certification before they get to the stores. So the only thing you’ll have to think about will be which model/color to pick. And be sure to pick the right size before ordering, too. So if you want to buy a Bell Citi, you can pick the color and size here.

Bell made available 2 accessories for the Citi helmets: the Flip Mirror and the Light Strap. I’ll write about those at the end of this post.

Bell Citi Helmet, BlackBell Citi Helmet, Charcoal Fabric SEBell Citi Helmet, Matte Aluminum Koi FishBell Citi Helmet, Matte Pewter

Bell Citi Helmet, Matte Sepia CrestBell Citi Helmet, Orange SafetyBell Citi Helmet, Yellow SafetyBell Citi Helmet, White Lime Green

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And some higher resolution images (100-500 KB, might take a while to load on a slow connection):

Bell Citi, White Lime Green High ResolutionBell Citi Helmet, Charcoal Fabric SEBell Citi, Matte Pewter High ResolutionBell Citi, Orange Safety High ResolutionBell Citi, Yellow Safety High Resolution

Bell Citi has 16 vents. It’ll provide enough ventilation to cool your head in the summer. But some have complained that it can get pretty warm if you live in a place with a relatively high temperature.

Bell Citi Helmet Product Specifications:

  • Vents : 16
  • Size : Universal Adult : 54-61cm | 21.25”-24”
  • Certification : CPSC
  • MSRP : $48
  • Weight : 312g

Optional Accessories:

Flip Mirror, Optional Accessory

Flip Mirror

The Flip Mirror integrates into the helmet visor and is highly adjustable. When you don’t need it, it can be folded and nestled into the visor. The mirror may be a little too small for some of us. Be aware that like in cars, this mirror makes vehicles behind you look farther than they really are. You can find many helmet mirrors at Amazon. But one of the best, if not the best, bicycle mirror is the Bike Peddler Take a Look Mirror, which can be attached either to your eye glasses or the helmet visor.

Light Strap, Optional Accessory

Light Strap

A Blackburn flasher can be clipped on to the rubber strap on the rear of the helmet to add visibility to low light situations. This optional accessory isn’t “nestled” or “integrated”, so it doesn’t make a lot of sense to buy it instead of other helmet lights. It’s also a great idea to customize the helmet with a DIY project.

My wife has been wearing a Bell Citi for a few months now. She couldn’t be happier with it! You can get it here.

Be safe, wear your helmet. Chances are you won’t be sorry.

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