Bell Influx Helmet Review

Bell Influx Helmet, Red Black White

Bell Influx Rating: 4.7

Build Quality

The GoodAdvantages:

  • Comfortable
  • Light
  • Very good fit
  • Well ventilated
  • Affordable
  • Impressive features for such a price!

The BadDisadvantages:

  • N/A

Looking for a new helmet? I hope yours is just too old, or you want another one for your cycling wardrobe. No one likes it when a helmet cracks, especially when it’s on your head at the time! Whatever your reason, Bell Influx is a great choice. This helmet is really affordable at $64 MSRP. It’s better than most helmets in its price range, and you might even like it more than some $150+ helmets.

Maybe the first thing you’ll notice when you open the package is the size of the Influx’s 18 vents. They’re bigger than the average vents found in other helmets. In the Bell Influx, this is achievable thanks to Bell’s Internal Reinforcement technology. Helmets featuring this technology have reinforced skeletons. Internal Reinforcement is usually reserved to the high end Bell helmets. But fortunately, the Bell Influx has it, which is really good! This way we get to have bigger vents and a lighter weight for $64 only.

Bell Influx is available in 6 colors, but you might be able to find even more colors at Amazon. Be sure to pick the right size (S, M or L) before ordering!

Bell Influx Helmet, Red Black WhiteBell Influx Helmet, Blue TitaniumBell Influx Helmet, Matte Black Titanium

Bell Influx Helmet, Matte Bronze OrangeBell Influx Helmet, Matte Titanium OliveBell Influx Helmet, Silver White

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Bell Influx’s visor is removable. When it’s removed, you can use the provided logo plugs to cover the holes where the visor attaches. As for Bell Influx’s fit, Bell’s Geared Positioning System (GPS) is very easy to use. You just slide the dial with one hand to get the most comfortable fit. The fit of the Influx helmet is incredible. Of course, it might not fit every head out of the box, but the adjustment system really helps.

Bell Influx weighs 10.5oz/309g, and feels light. The good airflow also adds to the comfort of this helmet. Featuring 18 large vents and the Channeled Ventilation system, the Influx will keep your head cool in the hot summer days.

Bell Influx Bike Helmet Product Specifications:

  • Vents : 18
  • Sizes :
    S (20”-21.75” / 51-55 cm)
    M (21.75”-23.25” / 55-59 cm)
    L (23.25”-24.75” / 59-63 cm)
  • Certification : CPSC
  • MSRP : $64
  • Fusion In-Mold Microshell
  • Internal Reinforcement
  • Registered Graphics
  • Channeled Ventilation
  • GPS Fit System
  • Blade Visor
  • Cam-Lock Levers
  • Weight : 10.5oz/309g

There’s a reason a lot of people love the Bell Influx. It’s not just because of the features, the comfort and the fit. It’s because of the relatively low price you pay to get them. You can buy it here. Chances are you’ll love it, too. And you’ll want to get another Influx in a few years, when it’s time for a new helmet!

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