Bell Sweep, Sweep R and Sweep XC Helmet Review

Bell Sweep Helmet, Matte Black Carbon

Bell Sweep Rating: 4.8

Build Quality

The GoodAdvantages:

  • Comfortable
  • Fairly light
  • Easy dial adjustment (see last image below)
  • Snug fit
  • Removable VPV visor
  • Good airflow
  • Cheaper than other top-of-the-line helmets (Giro Atmos, Giro Ionos)

The BadDisadvantages:

  • Sorry, nothing bad here

Okay, I want it to be clear from the beginning. Here are all the differences between the Bell Sweep R and Sweep XC helmets. The XC has a removable visor. That’s it.

Bell decided to discontinue the Sweep R and Sweep XC models back in 2009. Now there is just the one Bell Sweep model, which is the equivalent of the XC.

Bell Sweep comes with the Twin Axis Gear (TAG) fit system. This is a fancy name for a handy system that lets you, as Bell states it, “dial in the exact fit as well as adjust the mechanism’s horizontal position on the back of the head”. In short, it allows for a better fit.

The picture of the Bell Sweep helmet in the beginning of this article shows it with the visor attached. It makes it look a little bit elongated. When the visor is removed, it looks as if it’s a whole other helmet. Bell Sweep is available in several colors, including:

Bell Sweep Helmet, Matte Magnesium TitaniumBell Sweep Helmet, Red GunmetalBell Sweep Helmet, Blue Silver

Bell Sweep Helmet, White Ice BlueBell Sweep Helmet, White SilverBell Sweep Helmet, Matte Black Carbon

Bell's GPS fit system

Click on a thumbnail for a larger view. Press arrow keys or click on the left/right of the picture to see previous/next one.

And two high resolution images of Bell Sweep (might take a while to load on a slow connection):

Bell Sweep Helmet, High Resolution ImageBell Sweep Helmet, High Resolution Image

Let’s take a look at the specs to see what you will get when you buy the Bell Sweep helmet.

Bell Sweep Helmet Specifications:

  • Vents : 20
  • Sizes :
    S (20”-21.75” / 51-55 cm)
    M (21.75”-23.25” / 55-59 cm)
    L (23.25”-24.75” / 59-63 cm)
  • Certification : CPSC
  • MSRP : $140
  • Fusion In-Mold Microshell
  • Clear Geared Positioning Fit System (GPS)
  • Twin Axis Gear (TAG) fit system
  • Channeled Ventilation
  • Weight : 280g

Bell Sweep is one of the best and most comfortable helmets currently on the market. It’s comparable to the more expensive Giro Atmos. I highly recommend it. It’s available on Amazon. ChainReactionCycles has it, too.

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