Giro Aeon Review

Giro Aeon Bike Helmet

Giro Aeon Rating: 4.9
Build Quality

The GoodAdvantages:

  • Comfortable
  • Very light
  • Great ventilation
  • Good fit system

The BadDisadvantages:

  • Expensive

Giro Aeon’s light weight, together with the Roc Loc 5 fit system, could very well make it the most comfortable helmet you’ve ever worn. It also comes in 3 sizes, ranging from 20 to 24.75 inches. That’s way better than the universal size, and provides a better fit.

If you want a pro level helmet, then the Aeon is, most likely, the one for you. Get it from or ChainReactionCycles.

Earlier, Giro sold two top of the line helmets, the Ionos and Prolight. The Ionos was considered the best ventilated helmet, and the Prolight – the lightest. Giro Aeon‘s ventilation is as good as the Ionos, while being a few grams heavier than the Prolight. In other words, Aeon is lighter than the Ionos, and cooler than the Prolight.

The Aeon Helmet comes in several colors, as you can see below:

Giro Aeon Helmet, White SilverGiro Aeon Helmet, Special Edition Orange Blue RabobankGiro Aeon Helmet, Red BlackGiro Aeon Helmet, Highlight Yellow BlackGiro Aeon Helmet, Black Turquoise

Giro Aeon Helmet, Blue BlackGiro Aeon Helmet, Matte Titanium SilverGiro Aeon Helmet, Matte Black Red ExplosionGiro Aeon Helmet, Black Charcoal

Click on a thumbnail for a larger view. Press arrow keys or click on the left/right of the picture to see previous/next one.

The Helmet is extremely well ventilated. It has 24 big vents, through which you’ll have no problem scratching your head! Giro’s Wind Tunnel channeled ventilation helps, so fresh air will keep moving around your head.

Giro Aeon Bike Helmet Specifications:

  • Vents : 24
  • Sizes :
    S (20”-21.75” / 51-55 cm)
    M (21.75”-23.25” / 55-59 cm)
    L (23.25”-24.75” / 59-63 cm)
  • Certification : CPSC
  • MSRP : $250
  • Thermoformed SL Roll Cage reinforcement
  • X-static padding
  • Slimline webbing
  • Channeled Ventilation, Wind Tunnel vents
  • Roc Loc 5 fit system
  • Weight : 7.8oz/222g

As far as safety goes, all certified helmets are equally safe. You could buy a helmet for $30 and feel safe. But buying the Giro Aeon helmet, you’ll also feel comfortable, and your head will be cooler than ever. It’s also extremely light! It’s available at or ChainReactionCycles.

2 thoughts on “Giro Aeon Review”

  1. Took this helmet out of the box and immediately notice the ridiculously low weight, so much in fact I was handling it like egg shells, the straps are not like any other helmet too, rather than the typical tough webbed straps of every helmet I’ve ever owned since about 1986, these are very thin & almost silk like, the helmet is a great looker, I’m amazed that it’s up to the job of protecting you in an unfortunate circumstance but obviously it is.
    For me however I find it quite uncomfortable, there aretwo lateral bars than rn close & along the top of the helmet which have close to 0 padding on them, I can feel the helmet sitting sharp right at the top of my head, in fact take the helmet off & I can still feel where it’s pressure point sat. I switched immediately into my ionus which felt fine.
    I’ve tried several attempts to get the aeon comfortable without success, sadly I think I’ll be returning it, when compared immediately next to the ionus, the ionus looks like the aeons bloated, wallowy big brother wherein the aeon looks rediculously fast & svelte, but for me the ionus is miles ahead in comfort.
    But certainly try it on, it’s an amazing looking helmet, you will either love it or be pleased you tried before you ‘buyed’.

  2. Peter,
    Thanks for sharing your experience with the Aeon. It’s always like this with helmets; what fits some might be very uncomfortable for others. The Ionos is an awesome helmet, and it’s cheaper!

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