Giro Indicator Helmet Review

Giro Indicator Helmet, Black Lime

Giro Indicator Rating: 4.5

Build Quality

The GoodAdvantages:

  • Safe
  • Lightweight, comfortable
  • Very good ventilation
  • Comes with sticky pads for a better fit
  • Looks cool
  • Inexpensive

The BadDisadvantages:

  • The pads tend to fall off; use some glue to make them stick

If you are thinking of buying the Giro Indicator helmet, don’t think twice. Just see what I wrote in “The Good”, and you’ll understand why I’m saying this. Unless you have another specific helmet in mind, you can be sure that you won’t go wrong with the Giro Indicator. And the price is great. You can get it at Amazon or ChainReactionCycles.

There is an interesting thing I hear/read a lot about helmets. After a serious accident, bikers almost seem happy that they fell. Because this proves to them that they made the right choice when they bought their helmet. Check these two comments by  C. White and J. P. Sweeney “boru99”, who were wearing the Giro Indicator helmet when they fell/flew off their bikes. Remember to always buy a new helmet after a fall, even if it doesn’t crack! It might get damaged and you won’t be able to notice it.

Giro Indicator comes in different colors. There’s even one with flowers on it:

Giro Indicator Helmet, BlackGiro Indicator Helmet, WhiteGiro Indicator Helmet, Titanium

Giro Indicator Helmet, Red BlackGiro Indicator Helmet, Silver Ice Blue FlowersGiro Indicator Helmet, Black Lime

Giro Indicator Helmet, Blue

Click on a thumbnail for a larger view. Press arrow keys or click on the left/right of the picture to see previous/next one.

The Giro Indicator helmet has 20 vents. It can keep your head cool, even on a hot summer day. If it gets really hot in the summer where you live, you might want to pick a lighter color just in case.

Giro Indicator Helmet Product Specifications:

  • Vents : 20
  • Size : Universal Adult : 54-61cm | 21.25”-24”
  • Certification : CPSC
  • MSRP : $38
  • In-Mold Construction
  • Acu Dial adjustment system
  • Weight: 285 g

I highly recommend the Giro Indicator helmet. You can buy it here (or from CRC). It’s one of those things you wish they still make when it’s time to replace it. Of course, there may be even better stuff out there in 5-10 years, when it’s time to buy a new helmet. 🙂

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