Kettler Sprint Balance Bike Review

Kettler Sprint Balance Bike, Flames

Kettler Sprint Balance Bike Rating: 4.0

The GoodAdvantages:

  • Adjustable seat (not tool-free, though)
  • Brakes
  • Three-year warranty

The BadDisadvantages:

  • The instructions could have been a lot better
  • Handlebar not adjustable

If you’re reading this, then I think you already know what a balance bike is. And you also know that training wheels don’t really help kids ride a bicycle. They just make them think they’re riding a bicycle. The Kettler Sprint Balance Bike is a bike you’d want your children to have. The instructions are terrible, but aren’t a serious disadvantage. And if the fixed-height handlebar doesn’t bother you, this bike could be the perfect gift for your kid.

You won’t have to worry about the safety of your child when you buy the Kettler Sprint Balance Bike. The manufacturer made sure that little fingers won’t get stuck anywhere. The paint is non-toxic. The bike has a low-step frame design. Your kid will be able to get on and off easily, which minimizes the risk of falling. The padded saddle is height adjustable, so it grows with the child. This balance bike also has a rear wheel brake.

In addition to the “Flames” color at the beginning of this article, the Kettler balance bike is also available in three colors: “Princess“, “Original” and “Frog“. You can order any of the four colors from Amazon.

Kettler Sprint Balance Bike, FlamesKettler Sprint Balance Bike, FrogKettler Sprint Balance Bike, OriginalKettler Sprint Balance Bike, Princess

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Kettler Sprint Balance Bike Product Specifications:

  • Tires : Tubeless Air Tires
  • Frame Material : Steel
  • Weight : ~14 lbs (6.4 Kg)
  • Wheels : Sealed Ball Bearing
  • Paint : Lead Free
  • Adjustable Seat : Height & Tilt
  • Weight Limit : 100 lbs (45.5 Kg)
  • Warranty : 3 Years
  • Brakes : Yes
  • Foot Pegs : No

Don’t forget to buy your kid a helmet, too. It not only protects their head if they fall, it also sends them a message that it’s cool to be safe. Which increases the chance that they will also wear a helmet when they get their first real bike. Later in life, you won’t want them riding a bike without a helmet! Choose a little cool helmet here.

Buy the Kettler Sprint Balance Bike from Amazon.

2 thoughts on “Kettler Sprint Balance Bike Review”

  1. How high is the seat? My 2yr old would love a balance bike, but his legs are a bit shorter than most kids his age (he is still in 18 mo old pants)… I’ve read the balance bikes can run from 11″ to 18″ to the seat. Thanks!

  2. Katie,

    The seat’s height can be adjusted from 13.5″ to 17.5″. What’s your son’s inseam?

    To measure the inseam, have him stand with his back against a wall. Legs should be slightly apart. Place a book against the wall between his legs, while applying slight pressure against his crotch. Then measure the distance from the top of the book to the floor.

    Good luck, and let me know how it goes!

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