Troy Lee Designs XC Gloves Review

Troy Lee XC Gloves

TLD XC Gloves Rating: 4.2

Durable, comfortable and affordable. That’s what these gloves from Troy Lee Designs are. With minimal padding, you’ll barely feel them on your hands.

Even though they’re marketed as XC, they’re suitable for DH and other mountain biking. They’re also really comfortable for road biking. The padding isn’t overdone. Some mtb and road gloves have too much padding. This helps compressing the nerves, which causes finger numbness and tingling.

Troy Lee Designs XC gloves are durable. You’ll get many seasons out of them, even with the occasional mild crashes. They also breathe well, so you won’t feel as you’re wearing latex gloves.

Even though they’re full finger gloves, these Troy Lee gloves are fairly cool in the summer. They’re the excellent choice for protecting your knuckles and staying cool at the same time. They’re also great for autumn and spring riding. Unless you have very mild winters where you live, these gloves don’t offer cold protection.

Available in many colours and sizes, you can buy them from ChainReactionCycles and Amazon.

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